Mark Zuckerberg defends controversial decisions related to Facebook with a new lie

Mark Zuckerberg has made not-quite-honest statements a number of times, as well as these include the story of how Facebook was created.

Currently, the CEO is trying to protect the decision not to wipe out any possible lies from politicians on the platform, so he develops a brand-new argument to show that Facebook is advertising free speech and also freedom. In this regard, he conjures up the battle in Iraq.

The tale of Facebook’s growth is popular. It began in 2004, when a team of university colleagues created a new social media system focused on attaching Harvard trainees.

This time around, Mark Zuckerberg gives an additional reason he had come up with the idea of establishing Facebook Currently, the company’s CEO states Facebook was birthed of a noble impulse to “provide every person a voice” adhering to the 2003 Iraq intrusion.

Mark Zuckerberg had an additional goal with Facebook.

Therefore, he recommends that he would have thought of the social media for wishing to make the world a better place, following the outbreak of the 2003 Iraq war.

The story of the birth of the social network is different. Originally, this was called TheFacebook, and also this initial version influenced the creation of another social media network, called Facemash. The website included a photo of Harvard’s photos, where they were alongside, and also the pupils had to choose which of the two pupils looked better.

On the other hand, Mark Zuckerberg says that Facemash has nothing to do with the social network he created. Nonetheless, several sources validate that the theory is, actually, real. Thus, Zuckerberg’s objective would certainly have been to develop a dating website rather than developing a platform to “offer every person a voice.”

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